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ROXIN is one of the leading law firms specialising in white collar criminal law and Internal Investigation. We advise and represent companies and individuals from our locations in Hamburg and Munich.

Since 2004, we’ve been putting our expertise to work on behalf of our clients and helping them deal with the complexity and dynamics of white-collar criminal cases. Our approach to consulting is based on partnership, efficiency and transparency.

As one of a handful of specialist law firms, we combine our commercial criminal law expertise with the ability to perform comprehensive compliance investigations. The resulting synergy effects and strategic capabilities are a key component of our strategy for achieving the best possible results for our clients. We also look at the big picture and see to it that any other legal and communication challenges faced by our clients are also accounted for and addressed.

In addition, with ROXIN International Alliance, we also offer comprehensive expertise on issues of international law. ROXIN International Alliance is a worldwide network connecting highly specialised law firms and solicitors in the fields of commercial criminal law and compliance from 30 different countries.

Ever since the foundation of our firm in Munich, one of the pillars of our success has been academia. The firm and its members are not only closely tied to the leading legal scholars in Germany and many other countries – we also make our own contributions to scholarly debates and developments in the field of law by holding university events, lectures and presentations and putting out numerous publications.