Criminal defence

Roxin represents clients in preliminary criminal proceedings conducted by the public prosecutor and by other national and international law enforcement authorities.

  • In Preliminary Proceedings and in Court

    Preliminary proceedings are anything but a rarity in white collar crime cases. In reality, many people feel that their economic activities make them exposed to such proceedings.

    This is where Roxin represents the interests of individuals. The goal is not only to avoid criminal sanctions, but to terminate proceedings in the preliminary phase before the public becomes aware of them. Should it come to criminal court proceedings, Roxin and its experienced litigators represent the interests of the persons concerned. This representation extends to all circumstances, including appeal proceedings.

  • Nationwide and Cross-Border

    Our lawyers work across Germany as well as in cases that transcend the country’s borders. In white collar crime cases in particular, law enforcement authorities of different countries frequently work together. This coordinated approach requires the defence to pursue a coordinated and consistent approach across borders.

    Due to the particularities of each country, especially when dealing with the local law enforcement authorities, when putting together the best possible defence the involvement of local firms is indispensable. With our partners in the Roxin Alliance, we have a network of white collar crime law firms in thirty countries worldwide that rank among the top firms in their respective countries. Find out more about the Roxin Alliance here.

Legal Advice

Roxin advises individuals in all areas of white collar crime law.

  • Avoidance of Liability Risks

    The legal framework conditions present challenges for decision-makers in companies and administration in particular. Roxin advises on criminal risks and consequences of corporate decisions and assists in developing and implementing solutions and preventive strategies.

    In the cases of criminal conduct, Roxin also provides advice regarding potential cooperation with the authorities. In particular, we offer support in the implementation of voluntary tax declarations to avoid criminal liability.

  • National and International
    We also advise our clients on transnational cases. To do so, we refer to the local expertise of our partners in the Roxin Alliance from thirty countries worldwide. Find out more about the Roxin Alliancee here.