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Transnational connections between companies and political circumstances often make white collar criminal law an international discipline. As such, it routinely requires cases and their ramifications to be assessed through the lenses of multiple jurisdictions. Prosecuting authorities in different countries often collaborate on these assessments. For the defence, responding to these coordinated proceedings on the part of the authorities likewise requires an international focus and international approaches, reflected in cross-jurisdictional, coordinated and consistently implemented strategies.

Our answer to these challenges is the Roxin International Alliance. This international network connects us to commercial criminal law firms in 36 countries with offices in 54 cities worldwide. The members of this network are among the leading firms in their countries. Using well-established communication and information processes, we work with our partners to devise and implement country-specific approaches and solutions to transnational issues and proceedings. Depending on client needs, we serve as a central contact, conducting or coordinating the international consulting teams for cross-jurisdictional issues and proceedings, procuring suitable partners for specialised legal matters in other jurisdictions or performing legal analyses based on insights into global trends.

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ROXIN International Alliance