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We advise and represent companies, corporations, associations and individuals in commerce and politics with regard to domestic and international commercial criminal law issues. We assist shareholders, supervisory and management boards as well as executives – especially legal department and compliance directors – with their daily duties. Aside from this general risk consultation, we primarily help companies deal with known violations and incriminating factors in a compliant manner. This includes the criminal assessment of issues and matters that may arise within the company, as well as the identification and implementation of any actions that may be required as a result.

We also represent the interests of our clients in all criminal cases before the authorities and the courts. This includes all stages of the court case and pertains to companies and individuals both as the accused/secondary participants and as injured parties, e.g., filing charges and claims for damages.

Internal Investigation

In cases where violations are reported in-house as well as in cases of official investigations, we help companies examine and clarify the underlying issues.

As one of a handful of specialist law firms, we have the experience and the resources to perform even complex in-house investigations effectively and efficiently. Our approach is founded on system-based and client-oriented project and process management. Through comprehensive and regular reporting, we also provide transparency and traceability in all our activities. At the same time, we also use our expert knowledge of commercial criminal law to ensure that the focus of the investigation is targeted and does not conflict with the corporate strategy.

In the interest of obtaining robust and useful results, our seasoned investigative team is committed to respecting all the relevant requirements and the rights of the persons involved in their investigations, as well as providing process-oriented documentation. Where IT-analyses are required, we implement a comprehensive investigation process across all levels – from forensic data acquisition and recovery to usable documentation. For data mining, we utilise established IT forensic systems, either remotely or as a mobile on-site solution at the client’s premises, depending on what our client needs. In order to provide our usual level of efficiency and targeted focus in IT investigations, we sift through large volumes of data, if necessary, utilising specialised legal tech tools and artificial intelligence.

As part of our approach to client management, we also factor in other relevant legal areas such as labour law, data protection law, anti-trust law, public procurement law and IP law as appropriate, as well as other relevant areas such as internal and external communication, creating a holistic perspective.